Ramsay Chardonnay

2014  North Coast

Chemistry at bottling:    pH: 3.45    Total Acidity 6.1g/liter   Alcohol: 13.5%   Free Sulfur Dioxide: 28 ppm    Total Sulfur Dioxide: 73 ppm

2014 seems like a wonderful year to add Chardonnay to our line of Ramsay wines.  It was an absolutely picture perfect harvest and a spectacular year to make a debut of my new favorite wine.

  For years we used to make a big rich buttery, and very good, Chardonnay under other brands.  I always enjoyed the wines and we got rave reviews, wonderful comments and lots of sales….but as time passed, my tastes changed and I found myself liking that style less and less.  Finally I quit making the wine on the theory that “if you don’t drink a wine you should not be making it.”  That said, I still love the flavors of the Chardonnay grape and have spent much time over the last few years understanding what I like about the grape and what I don’t—-and then translating that into the bottle.  

  With this wine, I think I have it.  My favorite Chardonnay wines come from Chablis.  I love the austerity and mineralality of the region, along with the terroir-induced restraint of “fruitiness”.   Making this type of Chardonnay in California is a test.  It took a long time to find a combination of vineyards that gave me what I wanted, but with this wine, I think I hit on the perfect combination of grapes!

  The 2014 Ramsay Chardonnay is a great example of balance between rich mouth filling mineralogy and restrained fruit.  It is clean and crisp and flinty and yet has just the kind of fruit that goes with those structural characteristics—think of what lavender would taste like if you couldn’t smell it, or perhaps rose petals, yet there are wonderful wisps and hints … honeysuckle, apricot.  All in a beautiful balance.

  Honestly, I am thrilled with this wine.  We have been cooking food lately just to see what matches best…..sole, shrimp, sushi, salad.  It is a perfect match for clean and healthy faire.


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