2016 North Coast Petite Sirah


Lab Stats:

Alcohol - 13.92% T.A - 5.3g/liter pH - 3.80 V.A. - .72 g/liter Residual Sugar - dry (.35%)

Winemaker notes:

California is the land of Petite Sirah.  Dribs-and-drabs are grown here-and-there around the world…..but Petite Sirah really is “California’s own”, as nearly the entire world’s production is here.  It is a grape that should make us proud…  rich, full, fruity, tannic and dark.  It is a “monument-in-wine” of what California is….the “State-that-could-(some would say “should”)-be-a-Nation”.   Petite Sirah has long been one of my favorite grapes.  I have made “pets” (as the farmers say) nearly every year for nearly four decades.  Once-upon-a-time it was a hard wine to get people to try, but now, it seems, that Americans have come to know and respect the grape….and the demand is growing. 

The 2016 Ramsay Petite Sirah follows in the long line of wonderful fruity, succulent and not-too-tannic wines that you have enjoyed for years.  It is a particularly pleasing vintage as the weather was near-perfect in 2016 and the fruit ripened to perfection.  One further note I should make about P.S.—it ages wonderfully.  For five or eight years it is big and fruity, but then, as it gets older, it becomes rich and claret-like in character.  I have had many 30-plus year old “Pets” that wowed me.  If you have 30 years to wait….put a few bottles in your cellar and see what happens!

Kent Rasmussen


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