Merlot 2018

North Coast

Lab Stats:  Alcohol 13.81%   T.A. 5.4 g/liter   pH 3.71

Blend:  100% Merlot

Winemaker Notes:

Merlot is such a funny wineónot because of what is IN the bottleóbut because what people THINK of it. In California, Merlot was a little-bit of a latecomer to the varietal party. There were a couple of wineries making the variety in the very late 1960ís, but Merlot didnít really start to get famous as a stand-alone until the 1980ís when you started to hear people saying ďIíll have a glass of the MerlotĒ (or MER LOT) as they bellied up to the bar. Then everything crashed in 2004 with Milesí famous quote in the movie Sideways. Since then Merlot has slowly taken back its rightful place in the wine world, and I, for one, am glad to see it back. The 2018 Ramsay North Coast Merlot is a wine that Miles clearly never tasted. 

With all of my wines I am on a continuous search for better and better grapes with each passing vintage. I add a couple of new vineyards each year and occasionally jettison one or two that are not keeping up the quality. The 2018 Ramsay Merlot is a product of this constant search for perfect grapes.  It is big, lush, full of that lovely Merlot fruitiness.  It has succulent mouthfeel and, quite simply, is a lovely wine.

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