Ramsay Pinot Noir

2018  North Coast

Lab Stats:    pH: 3.78    Total Acidity 5.6g/liter   Alcohol: 13.85%

Kent Rasmussen notes:  

This is now our 30th vintage of Ramsay Pinot Noir.  I find it hard to believe....a lifetime ago!!!  Does anyone remember the infamous (and inglorious) "blue label" of the 1988 vintage? (We only used it once!)

As many of you know, Pinot Noir is my favorite grape.  When Celia and I started our winery in 1986 we made quite a name for ourselves by being amongst a very small handful of people making truly great Pinot in America.  Now there is lots of really fine Pinot made (although I still think of ours as amongst the best).  This huge improvement has come about partly through more insightful winemaking, but largely due to far far better grape growing practices.  Pinot Noir is not just "any old grape" and requires a lot of love both in the vineyard and the cellar.

The 2018 vintage really shows how far we have come in California over the last 30 years.  It is a very reasonably priced Pinot that is stunningly beautiful....fully in bloom both in the nose and the mouth.  The flavor is full of fruit, but also with all sorts of complex overtones of earth, oak and flowers.  The nose follows the mouth almost perfectly, but is also balanced and lush.

I hope that you enjoy drinking this wine as much I have enjoyed making it.

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