Ramsay Pinot Noir

2019  North Coast

Lab Stats:    pH: 3.78    Total Acidity 5.5g/liter   Alcohol: 13.75%

Kent Rasmussen notes:  

This is now our 33rd year of producing Ramsay Pinot Noir!

And it is better than ever! I love Pinot Noir. It was my passion for Pinot that started me on the road of winemaking in 1979, and to this day, it is still the wine that makes me jump up-and-down. Pinot Noir is a wonderful grape and a wonderful wine. It is by far the most complex and nuanced of all varieties, yet it is far from a knock-your-socks-off bomb. A fine Pinot Noir can be quite light, both in color and body…yet unbelievable subtile and nuanced in flavor and aroma. Young Pinot Noir can be stunning, yet old Pinot Noir is often the best wine in the world. As I said, it is an amazing gift of nature for all of us wine-drinkers! 

The 2019, like its many predecessors, has wonderful deep flavors that fly into every corner of your senses. Predominate are dark red fruit, bramble-berries and rose characters, but it doesn’t stop with those simple descriptors….it goes on and on, interesting in flavor and aroma and perfectly balanced in mouth-feel.

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