Merlot 2020

North Coast

Lab Stats:  Alcohol 13.5%   T.A. 5.4 g/liter   pH 3.7

Winemaker Notes:

Year after year I marvel at Merlot.  It has been thru so many ups and downs in the wine market.  For years it was flying high, everyone wanted Merlot, then it died for nearly a decade due to the movie “Sideways”, but re-emerged every time there was a price increase in Cabernet Sauvignon as a “cheaper alternative”.  Now-a-days I think that it has finally settled into a great place in the market.  Merlot is a wonderfully attractive wine, drinkable, yet no light-weight, affordable and, for most people, finally pronounceable.  By my research, California’s first stand-alone varietal Merlot was made by Louis Martini in 1968.  I still have a bottle of that wine in my cellar just because it is a piece of enological history, although I am sure it is long long over-the-hill.  1968 was 50 years ago now (I was in 7th grade that year)….so it is high time, with all that history, for Merlot is stating its merits and finding its place in the wine-world.

The 2020 Ramsay Merlot is a great example of what Merlot can be and should be.  It is a rich, dark, wine full of fruit, yet structured with nice astringency and a truly stunning mouth-feel.  It was a fun wine to make.  It is made from grapes from several vineyards in California’s North Coast that really worked together to create the depth and nuance that I was looking for in making this wine. 

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